Black Women in Television and Film

It might not be said in words many times, but blacks have been treated as second class citizens ever since the past. They are in a constant battle of discrimination and racism across the globe. There are countless stereotypes of a black person, especially when it comes to films and television, and it just helps to deteriorate the image of a black person more and more. It was especially worst during the early days of the film industry where it was still legal to own black people, and it was alright to treat them whatever a white person pleases. They are not even allowed to be in a film because of the feeling of the supremacy of the whites over African American people.

The film that made it all worst

When a film titled, blackface was produced and released to the public. It was all of a black man’s stereotype that the majority of people think that where right. In the film, they portray a black person as a very negative character who steals and rape women. It gives a lot of people the idea that blacks are lazy, stupid, and unruly. Surprisingly the film sets the tone for the images of what a lot of people think of a black person is. The film was viral and had a lingering and chilling effect on the people and the black community. It reinforces the tradition of racism and abuse in America. Because of the film, it started many types of negative images that the film industries always try to make blacks feel less than the majority of the people.

The first black actor

It took so many years to produce the first black actor, his name was Sam Lucas, and he was the first black person who is given the first significant role in a film. It made the Ku Klux klan react in many ways. They tried their best to ban the movie; the Ku Klux klan is a very powerful white supremacists group that is very popular in old America. It was vital for them to ban the film of the first black actor because he played the part of a black person portrayed in a positive light. It is unthinkable back then, and a lot of influential people like the Ku Klux klan where furious. It was the first time that the black race was treated with dignity and respect towards the firm instead of the past that where all derogatory things like black people are generally rapist and unruly people. The film was the first of its kind and gave birth to other movies and inspired people to get the courage to do what they want in the end. It signaled the time for a change in America that many people do not want to see. Even though there has been a lot of progress that has been made ever since then, there is still a lot of racism.